Teachers Say No To NAPLAN – Sign our open letter

With the dreaded NAPLAN fast approaching, some teachers from MESEJ have written a sign on statement – an opportunity for teachers to say “no” to NAPLAN.

We invite you to read our statement and sign if you agree. You can select to only publish your name if more than 20, or more than 50, other teachers sign on as well, so you can be assured you will not be a lone voice.

There’s a lot of pressure building against NAPLAN this year from unions and state governments. But there’s nothing out there yet offering a teacher’s perspective on how fundamentally corrosive the NAPLAN regime has been in education.

If we get a good number of teachers signing on it could be a significant blow to NAPLAN/MySchool credibility, and help deepen the criticism, so that it’s not just about getting a better test, but getting rid of the test entirely. This statement could also prepare the ground for some other actions to stop the NAPLAN madness.

Please share this statement widely amongst your teacher friends so we can gain strength in numbers!

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