MESEJ endorses Rank and File Educators as our preferred candidates in AEU Victoria election

Statement from Rank and File Educators


We want the voice of rank and file members heard.

As the attacks on public education and all workers escalate, we need a stronger AEU that is more willing to take collective action.


If elected (and even if not elected!) we will fight for an AEU that:

– Says “No” to NAPLAN, MySchool and all testing tools and educational fads that force us into competition for data.

– Is not afraid to take industrial action to win fair funding, equal pay, smaller classes and more preparation time. The future of public education depends on us winning and exercising our right to strike, and ensuring government funds go to public, not private systems.

– Fights for trust, respect, and control over school decisions for educators and support staff. Our union must stand up to principals and managers (including AEU principals) who bully and undermine union won conditions.

– Stands up against racism, sexism and homophobia in our schools and society. While the right is on the offensive against African students, Muslims, refugees and anti-bullying programs for LGBTI students, education unionists must act.

– Actively campaigns and engages with schools to achieve sufficient funding and policy reforms to make schools inclusive of all students, particularly Indigenous students who experience unacceptably high rates of school exclusion and incarceration

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