Education Policy Goals

A real needs-based funding model for public schools

  • Sufficient funding to ensure:
    • Support staff for every student with special needs
    • Onsite wellbeing and enrichment programs available to all students
    • No more than 16 hours per week of face-to-face teaching time and teacher control of their remaining working hours
    • Class sizes of 20 and below
  • End public funding of private schools
  • No funding tied to standardised test data

Full inclusion and diversity in local public schools

  • School programs, policies and curriculum that meet the needs of all local students, reflecting the diversity of their abilities and cultural, language, religious and socio-economic backgrounds
  • End the exclusion of students from attending their local public school
  • Shut down the My School website, which places schools in competition with each other and promotes selective, discriminatory enrolment practices

Real and meaningful learning

  • End NAPLAN and stop the rise of standardised data-driven education
  • Learning experiences that promote critical thinking, creativity, curiosity, empathy, problem-solving, teamwork, and an understanding of the inherent value and interdependence of all life on earth
  • Teacher control and student participation in designing educational programs, including learning goals and assessment

Justice, dignity and respect for staff and students in schools

  • Protections for students against harshly punitive and racially discriminatory school disciplinary regimes (especially the use of suspensions and expulsions)
  • Protections for teachers and other education workers against unfair and  insecure working conditions
  • Right to strike for all education workers