Call for Union Action – Teachers Say No To NAPLAN

Thanks to everyone who signed the “Say No to NAPLAN” statement. Our statement got plenty of media coverage during the week of NAPLAN, and state and federal ministers had to respond to our demands with increasing defensiveness. 


Channel 9:

3AW radio:

There is momentum building against NAPLAN, but both Labor and Liberal leaders have made it clear they plan to keep NAPLAN and MySchool, at best tinkering with it through a review, at worst replacing it with a more intensive testing regime, like Gonski’s proposed “tool”.

NAPLAN results start to be released in August. It is important that we escalate the campaign during this period, as political attention refocuses on the issue. We are calling on the branches of the AEU and IEU to mobilise members in a collective action during August/September to call for the end of NAPLAN and the MySchool website.

Already the Inner West region of Victorian branch of the AEU passed a resolution calling for this action, and more resolutions like this will help keep the issue alive amongst union members, and demonstrate to the leadership that there is strong rank and file support for union action around this issue.

Are you able to pass a motion like this one in your sub branch or regional meeting?

Motion for union action to stop NAPLAN and MySchool: 

“This meeting supports the call for AEU (or IEU) to mobilise members for an action during the release of NAPLAN results in August/ September 2018, to demand the end of NAPLAN and the MySchool website.”

Please let us know if you do pass this motion, so we can keep a track of how much support is building.


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