A pivotal moment for Victorian public school teachers

Victorian public school teachers have a significant opportunity before us – the AEU will be negotiating a new enterprise bargaining agreement (EBA) this year.

AEU leadership have asked sub-branches to submit our Log of Claims so they know what we want them to fight for in the upcoming negotiations with the Department of Education. Above all, this is our chance to achieve the reduction in face-to-face teaching hours and class sizes that would make such a difference to the health and wellbeing of teachers and students alike. To be the kind of educators we want to be and support our students in the way they deserve, we need this workload reduction. We also want the EBA to achieve pay rises from the bottom up, protect the time and autonomy of teachers and education support workers, and put an end to NAPLAN.

To assist teachers in bringing these important issues to their sub-branch meetings, the MESEJ organising collective has put together a statement of recommendations for the Log of Claims, which includes a motion committing to industrial action in order to win gains in our priority areas. You’re welcome to download this document, send it to your co-workers and adapt it in any way required to address the particular issues of your workplace.  

Sub-branch submissions to the Log of Claims are due no later than the 27th of March, the last day of Term 1 (three weeks from today). Please send your completed Log of Claims to us at mesejforum@gmail.com to help us keep track of what other teachers are asking for. You’re welcome to contact us there for more information or to arrange a phone chat or meeting about your particular concerns.

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