Petition to support Victorian teachers and education workers during COVID-19

We Call on the Victorian Government to Prioritise Care, Health and Education for All

As Victorian teachers and rank-and-file members of the Australian Education Union (AEU), we welcomed the Victorian Department of Education and Training announcements Tuesday the 7th of April 2020 regarding the shift to remote and flexible learning in schools in Term 2. There are many aspects of this policy that provide relief and reassurance. Yet, several issues still require urgent attention. 

We created this petition to galvanise community support for the conditions we require to continue our work, while AEU leadership continues to negotiate these with the State Government. These negotiations concern everyone as the agreements reached will have a major impact on the health and wellbeing of children, young people and their carers throughout the state. We also ask for your solidarity as fellow workers as we affirm our right to a safe workplace. 

With this petition, we seek to highlight the needs of workers in both schools and early childhood education and care (ECEC) settings, but we encourage you to also look to the United Workers Union statement of demands specific to ECEC. So far, the AEU has not released any comparable statement, which is partly why we are doing so today from our position as rank-and-file members. We encourage education workers in other states to use this document to inform their own struggles for safe and reasonable working conditions.

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